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A Simple Retirement Calculator For Physicians

Retirement planning can be made endlessly complicated with terminology and complicated spreadsheets. Many physicians get so intimidated by the alphabet soup of retirement planning that they often just throw their hands up and not do any financial planning. I wanted to make a calculator that breaks down retirement planning into as few variables as possible, […]

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Are Emergency Funds Necessary For Physicians?

Emergency funds have been under fire recently. Once a bedrock principle of personal finance, the role of the emergency fund has evolved. Let’s look at the arguments for and against emergency funds, and see if medical students, residents, and/or attendings should hold these accounts. Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, And Emergency Funds The standard advice of […]

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Ten Tips To Save Money On Medical Student Away Rotations

Summertime is high-season for away rotations. After the grueling gauntlet of required 3rd year rotations, many medical students welcome the beginning of the 4th year, when they can do rotations in their specialty of choice. Away Rotations Are Important Away rotations serve many purposes. First and foremost, they are audition rotations. They give you a chance to […]

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