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Forum Mailbag: Dow 20,000, Financially Savvy Physicians, Ethical Index Fund Investing, and more!

There is so much great information on personal finance forums. I regularly participate on several message boards, including Bogleheads, White Coat Investor, Mr. Money Mustache, and Reddit. This is a roundup of my favorite discussions happening around the internet. 1. Bogleheads: Dow 20,000, now what? Question: Boglechu asks what his asset allocation should be now […]

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The Traditional vs. Roth Decision for Medical Residents

Many residents are eager to begin saving for retirement during residency. Often, they will have a choice between traditional and Roth retirement accounts. Deciding which account to use is confusing to many residents. In this post, I will explain the major considerations when deciding between traditional and Roth retirement accounts. Basics of Roth and Traditional […]

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Why Invest?

For many physicians, the decision to invest in the stock market is very easy. They understand the benefits and are reaping the rewards. For others, there is significant hesitation. They see investing as complicated and confusing, and they fear losing all of their money in a market crash. By explaining how investing can be simple […]

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